Tisch 48 Film Festival- Red Carpet Awards Ceremony


Elm Gardens  (Dir: Albert Fernandez) An aging nurse, Cassie, sees reflections of her future in a dying elderly farmer, Alfonso. World Premiere at Festival de Cannes (2013).  

Justice in D Minor  (Dir: Lukas Schepp) The boyfriend of a young, poor single mother is lured into a sting operation as he tries to help her daughter, a cello prodigy, by dealing drugs. World Premiere at Festival de Cannes (2012)

Citizen Jane  (Dir: Ben Nelson) What happens when your next door neighbor is a murderer? The musical tale of a frightened girl, a mysterious neighbor, and a love-struck best friend trying to prove himself. Winner of Best Choreography, Best Acting Ensemble and the Silver Cup Award at the Tisch 48 Awards 2012

A Flight of Fancy  (Dir: Scott Schuler)  Mother takes her daughter, Dove, to the woods for her eighth birthday. With their imaginations, they turn the regular forest into a dream-scape of fairies and unicorns. But when Dove runs away, Mother's dream quickly turns into a nightmare. Official Selection: Ivy Film Festival, Maryland Int'l Film Festival, New Hope Film Festival, Trinity Film Festival. 

Matches  (Dir: Sam Besser) Two enigmatic industrialists vie for dominion over the London match-production industry in 19th-century Victorian England. As their world begins to come apart at the seams, they realize that the only thing they can never control is their raging feelings for one another. 

Afterlife: The Musical  (Dir: Ben Nelson) An all-original audio musical about two Broadway co-stars and lovers, who must connect with one between earth and the afterlife after a bad accident on stage. 

Trees on Trees on Trees  (Dir: Scott Schuler) A stoner dramedy about two recent college graduates who go to hike the Appalachian Trail because they have no idea what else to do after graduating.

Still  (Dir: Ben NelsonAfter the discovery of the fountain of youth tears his marriage apart, John scrambles through the decades to put it back together.

Art Works  (Dir: Hila Perry) A famous artist realizes all his work is bullshit. 

Attendance  (Dir: Casey Sincic) Coming soon.

Six Feet High  (Dir: Sammi Allison) Coming soon.